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Clara C. is an artistic painter with a dynamic personality. At 50 years old, she is in very good physcial shape. Clara C. has always maintained a balanced diet and never drank alcohol or smoked a cigarette in her life. In addition, there have been no cases of cancer in her family history, so the last of her concerns would be the risk of developing Lung Cancer.
After dealing with a few ailments, Clara C. met with her family doctor, who gave her a healthy diagnosis. As time progressed, her ailments continued, so she approached Dr. Joseph Zrihen for medical advice. Dr. Zrihen told her about the medical website and YouTube channel “Live Doctors”.
As she logged onto the internet, Clara C. stumbled upon a video from Live Doctors that depicted the symptoms of Lung Cancer, with Dr. Anatole Cessot. This was an eye opener for Clara! Some of the recurring and troublesome ailments that she had been experiencing were parallel to those mentioned in the Live Doctors video, which lead her to meet with a medical specialist for an X-Ray of her lungs.
The X-Ray showed a suspicious mass which lead Clara C. to receive a bronchoscopy along with removal of the mass. On February 27th, 2017, Clara C. received the following bad news: She did indeed have Lung Cancer. The good news: They found the cancer early! After the tumor was removed at Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, Clara C. was quick to reach out to Dr. Joseph Zrihen in order to express her gratitude. Live Doctors literally saved her life! Of course, she will have to undergo chemotherapy but the cancerous tumor in the lung was removed in due time because it was found early. Live Doctors literally saved her life and this is exactly why Live Doctors has been formed for both the general public and medical professionals.
“Without this video, I would not have been alerted in due time, and my cancer would have spread, which would have strongly reduced my chances of survival. By putting crucial medical information within reach of the general public, Live Doctors can save many.”Clara C.
Clara C. Lung Cancer
Clara C. Lung Cancer