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Best Prevention:  Stop Killing Yourself!


If an inotixicated driver had the opportunity to see into his future, and his future comprised of the terrible drunk driving accident he would be causing within one hour, indeed he would choose to drink water instead of alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

None of us can predict the future, of course.  However, today we are are quite aware of our body’s response to many different things, such as harmful foods, environmental allergans, air pollution and toxins found in hygiene products.
Where am I going with this?  I will share my own personal story with you to explain…
At 18 years old, I came to the conclusion that the best way to appeal to girls was for me to smoke cigarettes.  There was no alternative since I couldn’t afford a Ferrari.  So,  I started smoking. Before I knew it, I was smoking up to a pack a day.  Gradually, I got a taste for Filterless French Cigarettes called “Gitanes”. Within two years, I “plateaued” to three packs a day.
As the years progresssed, I subconsciously developed a habit of smoking 60 cigarettes a day. A few years later, I began experiencing “collateral damage”; breathing problems, diffictuly with exercise, fatigue, etc. – and I wasn’t even 30 years old yet.
I figured that it was time for me to cut down on smoking.  But cutting down wasn’t the answer; I had to stop. So, I tried sheer will.  It didn’t work as I was only smoke-free for three months.  This lead to my trying accupuncture with a Chinese doctor in the 16th arrondissement in Paris, which brought me to six months smoke-free, followed by a noxious ear-infection.

Then, I received a bombshell:  One morning in October 1985, after being married for only 15 days, I felt discomfort in the back of my throat.  I headed to the bathroom where I coughed up a considerable amount of blood.  This was a terrible scare for me.   What happened next?  My wife developed a worrisome cough.  The pulmonologist urged her to quit cigarettes, but she had never smoked a day in her life.  She must have received this from second-hand smoke.

From that day on, I stopped smoking.  No cigarrettes, cigars or pipes – nothing.  I refused to see a doctor for a check-up.  After all, I figured that if I should die, I should die in total oblivion.    Ever since that morning in 1985,  I have not smoked a single thing.  It’s been over 32 years since.

Death should not have to look you in the face for you to understand that smoking is a disaster for your body and a disaster for those closest to you; especially your own children. Everyone knows this.   Everyone has the ability and strength to fight this awful impluse that will only lead to a voluntary death.  Fight it now; before you die… it will be more pleasant for you and for everyone around you.

Unfortunately, three of my relatives have already died because of cigarette smoking… exclusively because of this terrible habit.   So, my purpose is not only to scare you, but to help save your life.  Your family and friends love you.   You can easily avoid the worried looks of your children and sadness of your loved ones by choosing one thing… PREVENTION.  In this case, prevention is called “I stopped smoking”.